Institute of Law

Legal Clinic

“Social Justice” Legal Clinic of Kyiv National Economic University named after V. Hetman (KNEU).


Evhenia Kolomiyets-Ludwig, PhD in Law, head of the Legal Clinic “Social Justice”of the Legal Faculty of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (KNEU).


  • Respect for law, justice and human dignity.
  • Legality and rule of law.
  • Complimentary legal aid.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Competency and fair practices.

Principles activities:

Advisors of Social Justice Legal Clinic shall be granted the following types of legal assistance:

  • advisory services, i.e. the Client is given answers to specific questions with regard to protection of its rights and legal interests, interpretation of certain provisions of the current law of Ukraine and of their practical application;
  • information services, i.e. granting to Client information on location of government authorities, courts, prosecution authorities, notariate, and other authorities, whose activity is related to protection of rights and legal interests of the citizens, provided that the Advisors of the Clinic have the necessary information resources;
  • development of the draft documents that establish, change or terminate the rights of the Clients, and protect their legal interests;
  • drawing up writs, appeals or cassations, to the court and other procedural documents related to Clients’ cases tried in the courts of Ukraine;
  • drawing up applications, petitions to state and local authorities; enterprises, institutions, organizations regardless of the ownership and accountability;


Адреса: 03680, Kyiv, Peremohy Avenue 54/1, room 139
Тел.: +38 044 371-62-83


Last redaction: 25.02.23