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Department of Political Technologies

   The department dates back to 1944. During this time, the name of the department, the set of departmental disciplines, its personnel, subordination to various faculties, etc., changed several times. However, the high quality of work of the department's specialists, the high level of knowledge received by students of all faculties without exception, where the department's staff is involved, remained unchanged.
     From 2021, the department will be headed by Vira Anatoliivna Gaponenko - Doctor of Political Sciences, Associate Professor.
   As of 2021, the department employs 19 highly qualified specialists: 4 doctors of science (including 3 professors), 12 candidates of science (including 10 associate professors).In the conditions of the development of independent Ukraine, a political scientific and pedagogical school was formed at the department, which allows to effectively solve a wide range of tasks of a modern higher school: from scientific and didactic to educational and personnel.
   An important stage in the development of the department was the establishment of the department at the university in 2018/2019. of the process of training bachelors in the specialty 052 "Political Science" for the innovative applied interdisciplinary specialization "Political Technologies and Leadership".
   In the future, the department plans to start training masters in political science, for which the necessary accreditation documents are being prepared, the staff of the department is being updated, practice bases are being prepared, connections with similar departments of other universities are deepening, etc. The basis of relevant didactic developments is the competence approach, which is an end-to-end structure that allows to ensure the integration of the educational efforts of the department staff, to take into account the requirements of the student body, high school students.
   The department also provides teaching of a number of disciplines of social science, communication and socio-cultural orientation at the general university level.
  • Haponenko Vira Anatoliivna
    She was born in 1983. In 2009, she graduated from the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, majoring in "Organizational Management". In 2010, she graduated from...
    Maneliuk Yurii Mykhailovych
    Born in 1975.  In 1997, he graduated from Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University.   Since 1997, he has been a researcher at the Ukrainian...

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