Institute of Law

Educational Methodology Work

The educational methodology work at the State and Law Theory and History Department is focused on the ongoing improvement of the teaching process and the creation of favourable conditions for the assimilation of disciplines taught by the Department on the part of students. Professors and teachers of the Department develop curricula, textbooks, methodological manuals (e.g., in the digital format). Teachers of the Department perform intensive work aimed at updating all the educational methodology information on disciplines taught by the Department. The novel teaching technologies, computer equipment, case lectures, trainings and case studies are efficiently used in the educational process. 

The provision of each student with the educational and methodological literature is one of the major tasks in the course of the training of lawyers. Teachers of the Department develop new and improve old textbooks and methodological recommendations on the contents and the organisation of the own work of students, the ongoing and final control over their knowledge in various disciplines, the methodological recommendations on the writing of course and Master thesis work, etc.