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Educational Methodology Work

Educational Methodology Work

    The methodology work of the Department is focused on the continued improvement of the methodology of the classroom lessons and the standalone work of students with the active use of innovative technologies and learning methods, and the domestic and foreign experience, organisational and methodological principles of the Bologna Convention, and methods of the synergetic education. 

  The purpose of political science is to create a conscious citizen with an active political culture and a strong position. This is very important in a democratic society

It arises and develops in connection with democratization

There are many reasons for the growing value of political science in the modern world

The first reason is Policy penetration into various areas of public life. We can say that politics is everywhere now. The state delegates many functions of power to public organizations, parties, local self-government, world actors

The second is Complexity and interdisciplinary nature of modern political problems. This increases the role of theoretical knowledge in this area. Modern politics is done by professional political consultants, not just public actors. They become intermediaries between the government and the people. Political technologists promote communication, but at the same time they can manipulate public opinion. This means that we must study political science to understand where the truth is and where lies are.

And the third reason is Global role of policy. This means that national governments can solve many problems only together, not separately. So we should take into account the interdependence of the world.

The study of political science is also important for Ukraine. After all, we have many false stereotypes about political relations.

Main peculiarities of political science:

There are lack of dogmas and ultimate truths;

Pluralism of approaches;

Probability of predicting events.

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