Institute of law

Constitutional and Administrative Law Department

The name of the Constitutional and Administrative Law Department defines the public-law-based nature and contents of curricula presented by the Department. Today, the public-law disciplines have gained a new focus and nature due to the adoption of the Constitution of Ukraine in 1996 and the accession to a number of international organisations (such as the Council of Europe, the OSCE, etc.). The study of these disciplines in each higher education establishment has its specific features and traditions. In KNEU, this study is focused on the provision of new human resources aimed at supporting the economic development of the Ukrainian state not only with economists, but also with lawyers. There are three science methodology sections at the Department focused on: the constitutional law, the administrative law and the criminal and criminal procedural law respectively. The human resource and creative potential of the department had been growing in 2000 to 2006. New researchers and young promising teachers joined the team.

  • Burylo Yurii Pavlovych
    Mr. Burylo graduated with honors from the Law School of the Kyiv national economic university qualifying as the Master of Law in 2003. Shortly afterwards he continued his legal...

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