Institute of law

Research Activities

The research work plan provides for the research into the following subjects to be carried out by teachers of the Department  :

1. The constitutional process in the European Union.
2. The relationship of the national and international law in the field of the economic co-operation between the states.
3. International economic organisations.
4. Legal aspects of the international economic co-operation of the states.
5. Advertising business in Ukraine and the EU.
6. Corporate law of the European Union
7. Co-operation between Ukraine and the EU in the field of the environmental protection.

Teachers of the department have authored numerous research papers, for instance, in scientific periodicals: Pravo Ukrayiny; Pidpryiemnytstvo, hospodarstvo i pravo; Yurydychnyi zhurnal, Yurydychna Ukrayina, Chasopys Kyivskoho Universytetu Prava, Naukovyi visnyk Natsionalnoyi Akademiyi derzhavnoyi podatkovoyi sluzhby Ukrayiny, in professional newspapers, such as: Holos Ukrayiny and Yuridicheskaya praktika, and in other collections of materials of the scientific and practical conferences, seminars, roundtables, etc.

Last redaction: 18.10.19