Institute of law

Finance Law Department

The Finance Law Department was established in December 2015. It has the status of graduating of educational qualification level "master" of master program "Legal regulation of banking."

The Department of Finance provides teaching for students of educational qualification of "Bachelor" of sciences (disciplines), "Tax Law", "Financial and Banking Law" and students of educational qualification level "master" - "Legal regulation of currency relations" "Legal regulation of credit and payment relations", "Legal regulation of control in the financial and banking spheres", "Legal regulation of the banking system", "Legal principles of banking supervision", "Legal principles of crisis management bank", "Contracts in financial services" "Legal regulation of the stock market." Students of speciality "Finance and Credit" and the Institute of Business Education study science (discipline) "Financial Law".

Professors of the department prepare educational materials - monographs, textbooks, manuals for self-study courses, educational work programs at the department.

All teachers of the department involved in the implementation faculty planned study "Ukraine Association Agreement with the EU as the basis of its national law," particularly in terms of improving the legal regulation of the banking system of Ukraine with the standards of the European Union of the Ukraine budget legislation on the experience of the European Union, improving tax laws in the integration of Ukraine into the EU.