Institute of law

Master training programmes

Legal Regulation of the Economy

This is the first Master programme in the field of Jurisprudence opened at the Law Faculty of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University in 2002 as a result of the fruitful co-operation between the Faculty and the leading Western European universities within the scope of EU's TEMPUS/TACIS Programme (1999 to 2002).

International Economic Law

In September 2006, the Law Faculty of the KNEU has opened for the first time its Master programme in International Economic Law developed as a result of the implementation of a European Tempus/Tacis project with the participation of universities of Vienna (Austria), Naples (Italy), Newcastle (UK).

Commercial Court Proceedings

(2009) The speciality was introduced due to the substantial role of specialised courts of commerce in the judicial system of Ukraine and, hence, the specialists capable of supporting its operation. Courts of commerce are one of parts of the judicial branch tasked by the Constitution of Ukraine and the current legislation with the administration of justice in economic relations.

Legal Regulation of Banking Activity

(2009). This is another extremely important and promising speciality due to the urgent need for qualified lawyers specialised in the legal regulation of relations in the fields of financial and banking activities capable of providing legal support to the relevant financial institutions (first of all, banks) and their customers (business entities and individuals) in a rapidly changing environment. Professional competencies of graduates of the Master programme in Legal Regulation of Banking Activity are developed on the basis of specific features of law activities in the fields of finance and banking.

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