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Economy Legal Regulation Department

The Economy Legal Regulation Department is one of the main educational and research structural units of the Law Faculty. The Department has the status of the graduation and core department in the speciality of Jurisprudence; it develops and modifies curricula for students of Jurisprudence trained at the Bachelor level with the specialisation in the commercial law and for students trained at the Master level under Legal Regulation of Economy, Commercial Proceedings and Legal Regulation of Banking Activity curricula.

Today, 21 disciplines are assigned to the Economy Legal Regulation Department. The Department develops and approves subjects of the Master theses of diplomas of the Faculty's graduates. The Master theses are presented by students to the state examination commissions consisting of experienced researchers and teachers of the Faculty recommended by the department.

The Department also organises the legal internship for Master students with leading institutions of our country. 

Other important areas of activity of the department include the internship of teachers with state authorities, education establishments, research institutions and, for instance, abroad, the management of the students' Social Justice legal clinic organised together with the editorial office of Holos Ukrayiny newspaper published by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, as well as the exercise of functions of tutors of academic groups.

There is a training and consultancy station at the department providing the comprehensive organisational and methodological support to the educational and upbringing processes in line with the department specialisation.


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